Our company, which specializes in narrow weaving and knitting products, started production in 2005. Since its inception, we have been adapting to the evolving and changing fashion trends and quickly established itself as one of the leading companies in the industry. Aden meets the accessory needs of the leading companies in the ready-to-wear sector and offers its internationally standardized products to the global market.

Aden primarily supplies products to the textile, footwear, slipper, bedding, and seating industries. We manufacture various items such as ribbons, elastic bands, cords, bias tapes, extruded products, shoelaces, silicone-printed goods, and various filling materials with widths ranging from 2mm to 15cm. Aden provides design and pattern solutions for the requested products through its technical knowledge and expertise.

Aden carries out production in compliance with international quality and health standards. With its understanding of establishing trust in customer satisfaction and commercial relationships, Aden aims to expand its position in both national and international markets and represent our country in the best possible way.